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Traditional massage: Thai massage is a Far-Eastern massage based on centuries-long traditon, gaining more and more grounds all over the world. It is a dry massage well-known for its stress- ang tension-relieving
effect. It contains acupressure, tender twists and stretching, it loosens the joints, boosts the operation of the organs, helps detoxication, strengthens the immune system and helps the engergy flow of the chakras.

Oil (aroma therapy) massage: Full body massage providing perfect relaxation. In Far-Eastern medical culture, plants and flowers play an important role in the treatment of physical and emotional complaints.
We perform this massage with aroma oils that our guests can choose according to their mood and request. It pampers, and in addition to its muscle loosening and circulation boosting effect, it relaxes the whole body.

Curative herbal massage: We perform it with little sacks containing original Thai curative herbs. The medicinal humidity emerging over the hot steam gets into the pores of the skin, then into the lungs. As a result of sweating, the body is detoxicated. It helps relieve pain and stress, it decreases muscle pain.

Head – neck – shoulder massage: It serves to relieve the muscle tension of the shoulders and the neck area. It has a relaxing effect and is effective against headaches. It eliminates the stiffness of the neck, fatigue and migraine, it can be used to treat tinnitus and sleeping disorders. The provision of oxygen increases, concentration and memory improve.

Foot massage: The massage of the sole and the lower area of the shin. We stimulate the reflex points on the sole with the help of a special staff. We use original Thai oil mistures. This massage has a positive effect on the organs, circulation and the extremities. It is relaxing, fills up the body and the soul with energy and strengthens the immune system.

The massage may not be employed in the following cases:

  • contagious disease

  • pregnancy with complications

  • on the trunk of the body during pregnancy

  • before or after surgery

  • illness with fever

  • during thrombosis

  • after drinking alcohol

  • people who have a pacemaker

  • epileptics

  • times of constitutional heart problems

  • inflammation of surface veins

  • the first two days of menstruation, after the first two days we can treat the limbs but not the lumbar region

  • patients who are weakened to a great extent, pallid, in bad health or quite old (in this case they can be rubbed with various medications)

  • various bone, joint or muscle injuries, strains, and acute sprains

  • disorders accompanied by increased propensity to bleed

  • detection of symptoms indicating acute inflammation (i.e. joint inflammation, swelling, redness of the skin, sensitivity to touch)

  • if symptoms of infection or acute skin inflammation are observable on the skin, itchiness of the skin and skin disorders (e.g. areas of abscesses, open wounds or sores)

  • the area of the tumor in cancerous diseases

  • constantly high or fluctuating blood pressure

  • advanced, serious osteoporosis

  • advanced diabetes

  • frostbite or burn wounds

  • spinal disk problems