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We live in a fast paced world where time is our greatest enemy, and at the same time our final one, because it is undefeatable. Slow down! Imagine an island of tranquility in the middle of the downtown, where the moment you enter a gateway to a new world opens before you. Where time ceases and only the PRESENT exists.

Step in and get to know the treasure of Thailand, the pearl of eastern culture: Thai massage. You can smell the cinnamon, orange and vanilla scents of the incense even before you enter, and it resonates throughout the atmospheric cobblestone hallways of Goldmark Court. Heading up the stairs, the marvelous realm of Thailand unfolds before us, as if we were stepping into a fairyland where smiles, tranquility and positive energies rule.

Are you ready for a change that will whisk you to a new world? Close your eyes and imagine the chirping of birds and the splashing of a distant waterfall, imagine that you are just lying down and leaving your everyday cares behind, here you have an opportunity for everything NOW.

We provide everything to let you feel good, we help you select the massage oil and the type of massage that suits you best.
You can choose a traditional Thai massage, a far eastern massage based on a several century long tradition that is gaining more and more acceptance throughout the world because of its power to reduce stress and tension and its exceptionally positive effect on the functioning of internal organs and the immune system.
The masseuses have arrived here straight from Thailand, and they provide for your every need so you can achieve perfect relaxation. Everything is about YOU at the Golden Lotus massage salon, YOU are our focus.
We recommend oil massages for those who want to be truly pampered, since this style of massage contributes to achieving a balance in both body and soul. If you live a stressful life and it shows on your body, try the medicinal herbal massage, which we perform with sacks of Thai medicinal herbs above hot steam.

The so-called head, neck and shoulder massage does away with stiffness in the neck, fatigue and migraines, as well as improving concentration and memory. We perform foot massages with the aid of a special rod that stimulates the reflex points on the foot.

The era in which we live offers great opportunities, but the lives of those that ignore these opportunities will not change much.

The Golden Lotus Thai Massage Salon is a place where you can truly rest and relax. Everyone would like to relax, but it is not enough to just wish for it, you have to will it. Desire always waits to be fulfilled, while the will is the power that can change our lives.